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Minimal Pairs AccentsMinimal Pairs Bilingual
i equal long e (extra)-signed.pdf  
Long vs Short vowel 2 a426b-signed.pdf
Long vs Short vowel a426-signed.pdf  
minimal pairs long and short i a277-signed.pdf
the diff sounds of the vowel a in Eng 2 a291-signed.pdf
the diff sounds of the vowel a in English a290-signed.pdf



We are focusing on language terms.



vowels 13 long o a278-signed.pdf  Vowels 13 long o278
vowels 14 long o a279-signed.pdf Vowels 14 long o a279
vowels 16 ow sound a281-signed.pdf  
vowels 17 long u a 283-signed.pdf
vowels 18 long u a284-signed.pdf
vowels 19 long u a285-signed.pdf

vowel 9 long e a273-signed.pdf downloadfile 
vowels 1 long a a255-signed.pdf downloadfile
vowels 1 short a a260-signed.pdf downloadfile 
vowels 10 long i a274-signed.pdf downloadfile
vowels 11 long i a275-signed.pdf downloadfile
vowels 12 long i a276-signed.pdf downloadfile



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