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Different pronunciation of the TH 1 for a424 and a424a (th as in thank).mp3  
minimal pairs long e vs short i 2 a264.mp3

quick studyguide (food) 'eggs' 2.pdf
Qu in Sp vs English a433.pdf
quickstudyguide food (egg) adult version a176.pdf
quickstudyguide all 3 a205a.pdf
study guidegerunds 2 a159.pdf
study guide to get bilingual 2 a162.pdf
quickstudyguide the color blue 1.pdf
quickstudyguide the color blue 2.pdf
quickstudyguide the color blue 3.pdf



We are focusing on language terms.



irreg verbs (Sp translation 2).pdf
Size : 2057 Kb Type : pdf
irreg verbs (Sp translation 3).pdf
Size : 1798 Kb Type : pdf l
irreg verbs (Sp translation 4).pdf
Size : 22951 Kb Type : pdfSize : 22951 Kb Type : pdf
irreg verbs (Sp translation).pdf
Size : 22951 Kb Type : pdf





Popular Idioms on iStudyguides 
downloadfile                                                                                                                                             pop idioms 1 a137a.pdf
Size : 2057 Kb Type : pdf
Size : 1798 Kb Type : pdf
pop idioms 2 a138a.pdf
body idioms on iStudyGuides
downloadfile                                                                                                                                       the body metaphoricall speaking 2 a420a.pdf
Size : 2437 Kb Type : pdf
                                                                                                                                   downloadfilethe eye and nose.pdf
Size : 2333Kb Type : pdf
downloadfile                                                                                                                            toget1a243.pdf
Size : 2697Kb Type : pdf
                                                                                                                                    downloadfilevowels 39 schwa sound at beginning of word a305.pdf
Size :884Kb Type : pdf
Idiomatic Expressions on iStudyGuides 
downloadfile                                                                                                                         idiomaticexpression (to be).pdf
Size :Unknown Right Now Kb Type : pdf
                                                                                                                           downloadfileEnglish expressions 2.pdf
Size :69Kb Type : pdf
prepositions on iStudguides
                                                                                                                           preposition a downloadfileexpressions translated 1 a195.pdf
Size :1910Kb Type : pdf




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